Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I added more vines to this monster.  

And made some little adjustments to this guy--I shortened his beak, got rid of one shadow, and added another.  I like working on these tiny little pieces.  Such immediate gratification is refreshing!  

There are a thousand things I want to work on all at once.  Whenever I come up with a new idea I can't wait to begin playing around with it, even if I haven't finished my last crazy brain-child.  The result is that I am now chipping away at six (a thousand was a bit of an exaggeration) works in progress.  I hereby declare that I will not start another new piece until I have finished four of the current six.  O.K. three.  I have to finish three before I can start something else.  

In other news, my painting, Midnight, Moonlight Magnolias, found a very good home this weekend.  Yay!  It's so much easier to part with them when they go to people I adore.

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