Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Raspberry Kind of Day

Today was a great day.  A raspberry kind of day.  Another painting found another great home, so I celebrated with a fruit splurge at Whole Foods.  Raspberries were on sale–two cartons for $6!  I ate this whole container and still have another one left for tomorrow.  This makes me incredibly giddy, as does the latest REI catalogue:  
Am I in the market for a tent?  No.  We have a fabulous tent that I suspect my boyfriend may have been scared into buying after the "Memorial Day Snow Storm Backpacking Extravaganza."  I won't give details, but at one point we got to use some survival skills, and it was decided afterwards that a super deluxe tent would be a wise investment.  So I don't need to buy a new tent, I just love painting tent portraits.  So thank you, REI, for the pages and pages and pages of tents in all different shapes and colors.   They will make excellent models.  

I was reading Jeana Sohn's blog the other day and she had posted these beautiful little paintings she made on vintage paper.  The paper reminded me of my own faux vintage papers, the ones I stained with tea a few weeks ago.  I was inspired to pull them back out and play around with them a bit more.  Here's what I came up with:
These faster little paintings I have been making are becoming as addictive (but in a healthy, less brain draining way) as Snood.  For those of you who are not familiar with Snood, you are better off maintaining this particular bit of ignorance.  I can have just one cookie, or one Margarita, but I literally cannot have just one game of Snood.  

I also worked on a little commission for a friend, who is going to give it to someone as a gift.  I'll post it after it has been given, just in case the future recipient discovers my blog in the meantime.  Unlikely, but not impossible! 

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