Thursday, August 4, 2011

 Poor, neglected Birdwoman!  I miss posting regularly.  We're gearing up for a cross-country move to the Northwest Corner of Montana, so I've had to let some things (my blog, par exemple) languish a bit in order to maintain a State of Calm.  The details of our move (exact timing, where, exactly we're going to live, etc...) are taking a long time to flesh out because 1) a large corporation is involved and 2) the company is based in Europe, and therefore its employees know how to take nice long, restful vacations.

I have been working a little bit on a series of small graphite drawings.
I love where the work is headed and I have about a million ideas for more images.  Once we're settled in our new home, with things nicely tucked away and baby-proofed, I expect to have more time to work, and more time to share!


Richard said...

Yayyy Birdwoman!
Lovely drawing and smart strategy. Work small and dry for the meantime. This could be helpful info for other artists out there who are new to parenting.
And lots more ideas germinating in your imagination...can't wait to see them after your move.
Best of luck to Robert, Charlie, and you during this transition.

Debby said...

Hurrah for the return of Birdwoman! We'll miss you on the east coast, but can't wait to see what inspiration Montana brings you!

Larien said...

ahhh I haven't been on here in forever either...a move across the country!!!! yay!!! how exciting. I also just moved across country...from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia! It's an adventure :)
Good luck with everything!!! :)