Monday, November 22, 2010

Over That Particular Hump

I've come to terms with the fact that life is all about this baby for the next little while.  He's a feisty one, seemingly unlike the mellow baby sidekicks of creative blogging moms out there like Janine.  Robert's feedings are very, very frequent, especially during the night, and peppered here and there with bouts of acid reflux.  I spend one hour sleeping, one hour feeding him and trying to get him comfortably back to sleep, an hour sleeping, an hour feeding, and so on.  Of course, all of this is normal, healthy new baby stuff.  It's not as though we have a sickly or colicky baby.  In fact, he seems to be a sort of super-preemie.  But when you throw in the additional (and somehow unforeseen) necessity of feeding and taking care of myself, it's enough to put my productive artistic life on hold for a bit.  Another reason that I haven't been posting much is that I've been struggling emotionally with absolutely ridiculous, nearly crippling amounts of post-NICU anxiety.  And, ugh, who wants to read about that?  But I'm beginning to feel like a rational human being again.  And I'm ready to start looking around the wide world again too.  Because I trust (without having to check every five seconds) that he's still breathing.


Valerianna said...

He looks GREAT! And it sounds intense... what else could it be, I wonder? Something so momentous.
Sleep and dreaming to you.... and wonder.

Julia Kelly said...

Welcome to motherhood- and if the rest of us mothers aren't posting all the "hectic detail" believe me- it is or was there- of course I did poked my baby and still do( 17 year old) to see if they are breathing- are okay- only advice I can give is pray for them and trust God- something I am still trying to learn to do!

Adria Arch said...

Hi Kaetlyn,
Robert is beautiful! So glad to hear he is home and you guys can begin to have a semblance of normal - whatever THAT is. Congratulations, and hang in there. You WILL paint again!