Thursday, May 7, 2009

Helen Take 2

I finished this little painting this week.  It's a remake of this one.  The first one was a little too Frankensteiny for my liking.  And I thought Helen's bird head could be a bit more over the top, so I changed her into a downy woodpecker.  Also, like the "Walter" painting in my last post,  I wanted the caption to be a more prominent part of the piece.  I've also been thinking up some more texty tidbits for future paintings in this series.  

I also started this new piece:

And painted my studio floor:
The drizzly weather we're having here has been sapping my energy a bit.  Sometimes I think I must be part plant.  I need to photosynthesize.  


Larien said...

The newest Helen is so good. Quirky, strange and very intriguing~my favourite kind of art! The text just adds so much to the piece.

Cat B said...

Love the new Helen. In fact, I love Helen! She has an interesting future ahead of her, for sure!