Thursday, September 18, 2008

My tiny little attention span

In my last post I mentioned that this new painting was coming along much more easily than my previous large scale watercolor and gouache monsters.  If you read that last post, you may be wondering why (after looking at the image below) I've made so little progress over the past five days.
The reason is embarrassing, but I'll tell you anyway:  wedding brain.  

Lately I have been daydreaming about things I never thought I would ever care about in a billion years.  Like centerpieces.  Centerpieces.  And these wedding reveries have consumed other parts of my brain, such as those related to painting and (as I look around) housecleaning.  The problem is that I am incredibly excited.  But this is not sustainable.  We still have two full months to go and I need/want to focus on my work and make new things.  My hope is that once we get our invitations out and finalize things with our vendors and the minister, I will emerge from my wedding-obsessed cocoon able resume my normal life.  But just in case, I've taken active measures to get my focus back on track.

At the start of each day I'm going to make one tiny painting from start to finish.  I'm only allowed to spend one hour on it–no more.  When the hour is up, it is what it is.  I'm going to track these and see what happens.  I didn't think of this until the end of the day today, but during that one hour I did not have a single fantasy about place cards.  If I try doing this at the beginning of my day tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to keep that focus and channel it to my other work.  

Here is today's tiny painting: 
I think I should also get some new books on tape from the library.  They always work to clear my mind.  

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Anya said...

It appears that wedding planning is ALSO negatively impacting the blog...unacceptable!!

I'm an addict - I need my birdwoman fix...